2019_04_14 - The Long-Awaited King

April 15th, 2019

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The Long-Awaited King
Luke 19:28-40

  • Do you like waiting? Does anyone?

    • Waiting for a certain date & time vs.
    • Waiting for something to happen… when?
      • Waiting for the world to change?
  • Did you know TWO processions into Jerusalem?

    • From the West: Pilate's Procession

      • The rulers, the soldiers and cavalry
      • Many "gods" represented by Caesar
      • Peace through Roman power
    • Pilate was an expert in the “game of thrones”…
      • Maneuvering for position; stabbing others in the back
      • Gaining power at the expense of others
      • Who will win? Who will lose?
    • But today we celebrate the Triumphal Entry!
      • From the East: Jesus' Procession

        • The "peasants," the poor, the faithful
        • Proclaiming the Kingdom of God
        • Peace through God's strength, shown in our weakness
      • Jesus was a King who refused to “play the game”
        • Humble ourselves to be exalted by others
        • Turn the other cheek; forgive a brother 77 times...
        • Praise a widow giving a penny vs. others giving fortunes
        • A STRONG person who turned down the lure of power to stand between us and death
  • Which King Will We Choose?

    • The irony: many people wanted Jesus to be more like Pilate
    • Let Jesus Be Jesus! Come to Him, not trying to "redefine Jesus for the 21st century." Jesus is just fine, thanks.
    • Jesus’ approach seemed doomed to failure, but (and here’s the kicker) how many of us remembered Pilate had a procession that day? 
    • Seems like in this case, the world did change for the better!  Maybe if we let Jesus be Jesus IN US, it will continue to!
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