10/01 - You Are Gifted

October 19th, 2017


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You Are Gifted

1 Peter 4:7-11


  • The End is Near!

    • But it wasn't fulfilled on the 23rd...
    • The end is near in the same way that:
      • A nervous young man is just about to call that special girl for hours
      • Our personal end is only a few missed heartbeats away
    • Strangely, every writer in the New testament sees that as a call to action, not inaction!
  • You are gifted for this "just about" time!
    • Gifted with communion with God
    • Gifted with Love for one another
    • Gifted with the talents and resources to enable your calling, which is ultimately the sharing of God's Grace in this time and place:
      • a time when many face an uncertain future, and a meaningless present
      • a place that is 3 miles south of 1-20, which is America's #1 highway for human trafficking (part of an $150 billion industry that FAR surpasses in shear numbers the historical estimates of the pre-Civil War slave trade)
      • Our mission: to make disciples of Jesus Christ, so that their lives, their worlds, and THE world, may be transformed through the presence of God's grace!
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